The AUS Board of Directors faces the second year of its mandate with changes that aim to relaunch the work that has been done so far, incorporating new members that have emerged from the evolution of AUS in its new trajectory.

The work of the AUS working groups has made it possible to consolidate the Agenda 2026 project, which has now been adopted by the COAC and the CSCAE as a far-reaching project that must allow architects to get involved and lead the transition of the sector towards decarbonisation.

The AUS Board is still made up of members interested and involved in the evolution of the sector towards sustainability, and who want to project these interests into the work of AUS to really influence the frameworks that determine the sector, and to collecting it to all those AUS groups who want to work in this line by getting involved in their work groups.

We also continue to have a generationally very transversal Board, with senior members and young members to combine diverse experiences and responsibilities, in the understanding that the future belongs to all and is built with solidarity and contribution between generations. We have also set up a Board with members from various professional profiles – teachers, more conventional professionals, with practices linked to the cooperative world, the public sector, the third sector, etc. – because we believe that professional practice is varied and should be more so in the future and that all visions must help build the sustainable habitability we need. And with gender equity, because it is essential to take into account the gender perspective in all our actions



Albert Cuchí, President. Professor in architecture and sustainability at ETSAVallès.
Greta Tresserra, vice-president. International consultant expert in sustainable development of cities and territories
Toni Escudé, vice-president. Working wood with industry for a circular economy
Anaïs Bas, treasurer. Architecture, Community and Environment
Elisabetta Carnevale, secretary. International consultant in land construction

Oriol Roselló.
From Girona, Albert Sagrera proposes the contemporary application of traditional techniques . Working to reduce demand and close cycles
Jade Serra, firm commitment to the dissemination of sustainable architecture with zero ecological footprint
Sònia Hernàndez-Montaño, working for healthy architecture
Alfonso Godoy, researching sustainability and comfort

Board Program