Architecture and Sustainability

Group of architects and professionals from other disciplines with interest and concern for the way to act more respectfully with our environment.

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Architecture and Sustainability

A group of architects and professionals from other disciplines with a deep interest and concern for the way to act more respectfully with our environment.

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AUS is a proactive, critical, and involved group that works to pursue a genuine transformation of our society towards more sustainable habitats and living models that are respectful of the planet and the health and well-being of its inhabitants.
We want a more sustainable world, with development models that contribute to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, to the reduction of global energy demand and waste production, while ensuring the proper conservation of natural heritage.
A model for making architecture and urbanism more sustainable: · Free of carbon and non-renewable energy sources · Highly efficient in resources · Culturally and territorially rooted · Catalyst for the sustainable transformation of society
The new Association Board includes AuS members, ​​with a transversal structure that encompasses different generations and a gender equity perspective, where professionals combine diverse experiences and responsibilities, in the understanding that the future belongs to all people and is built with solidarity and contribution between generations.
5 thematic workgroups have been created, from where each group will develop a line of research, including the analysis and dissemination of the results, in order to obtain a wider and consolidated picture of the current situation of each topic. This research will serve as a starting point to initiate projects that provide efficient solutions, and serve as tools to promote AUS’s values.


Decarbonized materials 



Carbon footprint of materials.



Urban rehabilitation and regeneration



Global agendas






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If you share our vision on architecture, and want to collaborate or actively participate in the group, we encourage you to join us! All of those people who share our interests are welcome to be a part of the group, without the need to be an architect or to be affiliated to the Institute of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).

1. Participate in the working groups.
2. Get discounts on trainings, event tickets, and workshops.
3. Gain visibility on AuS’  website and our social networks, and much more: being part of a network of allies, receiving our newsletter, and participating in a range of activities that promote learning and community building.