We propose an active, proactive, critical, involved AUS that works for a genuine transformation of our society towards more sustainable habitat and living models, respectful of the planet and the health and well-being of its inhabitants. We believe it is necessary, therefore, to promote better practices within the profession that contribute to this transition, demand legal frameworks consistent with decarbonisation objectives and financing tools, and raise awareness in society in general. But we will not build this vision of sustainable architecture that we need from nothing, but by affecting the processes that are determining the future. We will build visions by working on the problems that arise now and at every moment.


We want a more sustainable world, with development models that contribute to mitigation and adaptation to climate change, to the reduction of global energy demand and waste production, and that ensure the proper conservation of natural heritage. We believe in a different vision of the territory, of recovering its productive potential, both in resources and in management and habitability models. And that’s why we think we need to be part of the great territorial debates that determine the productive model that must contribute to a sustainable society.


In Aus, as Agrupació del COAC, we believe it is necessary to strengthen our commitment as architects in the face of this situation and that we take an active part in achieving a model of making architecture and urban planning more sustainable: independent of carbon and sources non-renewable energy sources, efficient in resources, rooted culturally and territorially, and engine of sustainable transformation of society. And not only do we want to make architects and society in general aware of the need for this transition (“educating” our group and society), but we will also provide the necessary tools to make it possible.

That is why we propose to actively intervene in all the processes of shaping the sector – social, technical, regulatory, etc. – making criticisms and contributions that guide towards true sustainability and clearly denouncing the directions that delay or prevent its implementation.

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