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D’acord amb el que disposa el Reglament (UE) 2016/679 de 27 d’abril de 2016 (en endavant, “RGPD”) i la Llei Orgànica de Protecció de Dades i de Garantia dels Drets Digitals (en endavant, “LOPDGDD”), the Col-legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (hereinafter, “COAC”) wishes the User to be aware of the Privacy Policy applied with respect to their personal data.

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Details of the Data Controller

Identitat Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya “COAC”
N.I.F. Q0875010A
Direcció postal Plaça Nova, nº 5, 08002 Barcelona (Espanya)
Telèfon + 034 93 301 50 00
Correu electrònic
DPO o contacte


Users are informed that the personal and information data they provide to the COAC will be processed in accordance with the following purposes, depending on the manner in which they have been provided:

For members and other persons linked to the COAC, in accordance with articles 16 and 28 of the COAC’s articles of association: development of the public and private functions attributed to the COAC by Law 7/2006 on the exercise of qualified professions and professional associations of Catalonia and the COAC’s articles of association, including:

– Management and registration as a member of a professional body.
– The communication of activities and the offer of products and services of our own or of third parties that may be of interest to the recipients.

For suppliers and clients of the COAC: fulfilment of the agreed legal negotiation. As well as the communication of activities and the offering of products and services of their own or of third parties that may be of interest to the recipients.
For clients and users of services provided by architects and professional associations: collegial intervention of professional work, as well as the exercise of public deontological and consumer and user services.
Sending information of interest to the association and, in particular, of the services that the COAC makes available to its members, including subscription services to newsletters.
Management of the use of the services offered by the COAC to its members.

Management of the use of the services offered by the COAC to its members.
The management of the courses and the virtual campus of the SERT school. Keeping a register of potential students, assessing their profiles and offering information on products or services and events of the Escola Sert that are of interest to the interested party. Manage and follow up the academic progress of the students enrolled (analysis of their evolution and performance, assessment and support). Carrying out the necessary administrative procedures (enrolments, financial procedures, issuing certificates and diplomas.
Registering and managing the COAC’s job bank.
Process the information provided by a candidate for a position at the COAC in order to process their application in a selection process to which they have applied and, if necessary, to contact them in the event that the COAC has a position that matches their training and experience.
Respond to online queries made by the interested party, and carry out opinion studies or evaluations of the Escola Sert’s services.
Manage and organise events to maintain professional and academic relations. To keep a register of potential companies, evaluate their profiles and offer information on the products or services and events of the Escola Sert that best suit them and are of educational and commercial interest.
k. The management of the directorate of architects’ associations.

Management and control of the data in the school’s historical archive.

Management of the lists of architects and experts.

Virtual secretary. Complete the profile and economic data of the association in order to have all the information available online.

Carry out certain actions related to their profession.

To carry out the procedures corresponding to the section on visas in order to apply for and manage the authorisations corresponding to the member’s architectural projects. If at any time you provide us with third party data or provide them in the future, you will have previously informed and obtained the consent of the third party for the use of their data as described here.

To manage the registration of members and non-members for seminars, courses and other events organised by the COAC.

To manage requests for suggestions, petitions, complaints and claims.

The images captured by the security cameras at COAC facilities are recorded for the purpose of controlling access and guaranteeing the security of people, goods and facilities.


The basis of legitimacy for the processing of User data as a member is the User’s consent and contractual relationship with the COAC, in compliance with legal and statutory obligations.