Participació al II Congrés de Catalunya Circular

On June 11th, the II Catalonia Circular Congress took place, an annual meeting to address the state of regulation in the construction sector and present success stories in bioconstruction.

The day began with an introduction by Jade Serra, partner at Slow Studio, AUS board member, and Vice President of the Bioconstruction Guild of Catalonia. Jade Serra discussed the challenges and opportunities in sustainable construction and bioconstruction.

Following this, success stories in sustainable construction were presented. Toni Escudé, Vice President of AuS and Sustainability Director at 011H, and Albert Sagrera, founding partner of the cooperative of architects Societat Orgànica and AUS board member, shared their experiences and innovative projects that are transforming the building sector towards a more sustainable direction.

The highlight of the day was the round table on the challenges and opportunities in sustainable construction, moderated by Jade Serra. This session featured prominent professionals from the sector, including Toni Escudé and Albert Sagrera, representing AUS, Laura Silva from the sustainable construction department at ITeC, Alfons Güell from Recursos Urbans, and finally, Cristina Sendra, representing EIG/Construcía.

During the round table, discussions focused on how the construction sector must work to ensure a future where finite minerals and metals remain in a closed cycle, preventing them from becoming waste. The crucial role of biomaterials such as earth, wood, and fibers in reducing the environmental footprint of construction was also discussed.

This congress was an exceptional opportunity to share knowledge, debate the future of the circular economy, and strengthen a network of professionals committed to sustainability. Through this meeting, new ideas and projects were generated that will undoubtedly contribute to a more sustainable future for Catalonia and beyond.